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  • Which solutions will suit my requirements?
    We at KMS can sit down with you to understand the best IT solutions to suit your requirements, from software development to all the supporting hardware required to deploy the system. Please contact us for consultation
  • How long does it take for delivery?
    Depending on the system complexities, and the scale of deployment needed, the specs required for the hardware, as well as the availability of any devices that may require shipping. We also need to note the development timeline for the software solution.
  • Are your solutions can be connected to any third party modules?
    Mostly yes, our system is modular and can even support plug-and-play. However, for some devices, additional softwares may be needed for it to work.
  • How long is the lifespan of these devices?
    Mostly, due to the business nature of our clients, Most our devices are industrial grade, and tested for placements at hi-traffic areas. Careful maintenance will also contribute to the lifespan of these devices.

For more information contact us via:

(+62-21) 278 99145

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